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Moving and Storage around the world with local Experts

Moving and Storage around the world
with local Experts

Moving abroad is an exciting opportunity to expand your personal and professional horizons through immersion in a foreign culture. However, moving your belongings to your new location can prove a logistical challenge. There are many things to consider, from comparing shipping costs to making sure your personal effects are packed properly to ensuring arrival of your shipment in the new location when you need it there. oleRRelo is here to alleviate all of these concerns and more, so you can focus on the customs of your new home, not the customs at the airport.

Accredited Agents
for UniGroup

As an agent for UniGroup Worldwide, oleRRelo is able to offer service guarantees that our competitors cannot. With exclusive access to a network of over 1,300 service centers throughout 180 countries, we are able to ease your transition to your new lifestyle when moving abroad with complete confidence. Together, UniGroup Worldwide members are able to handle over 20,000 international relocations every year. You can count on our professional, accredited service to make your international move go smoothly — more smoothly than you thought possible.

Moving Process

Let’s face it: Nobody looks forward to planning for the logistics of an international move. However, oleRRelo boasts a robust and versatile move management system that simplifies every step of the process. We break your move down into 6 phases:




Planning and Survey

The first step begins with an introduction to your dedicated International Move Manager, who will coordinate all the aspects of your trip. Together, you’ll complete a survey of your home and review a customized move proposal for your approval. After the details of departure, shipping, and customs have been finalized, we’ll provide you with all the appropriate paperwork so you can travel with peace of mind.
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No matter what form or forms of transportation your cargo is slated to take, we’ll make sure it arrives in perfect condition. You’ll rest easier knowing your belongings have been expertly wrapped, packaged, and containerized, right in the comfort of your own home.
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Naturally, you’ll want to stay up to date with the progress of your shipment, so we offer real-time tracking service on demand. You can rely on receiving transparent and constant communication from your International Move Manager.
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Once your shipment arrives at your destination country, we will take care of all customs clearance formalities. Afterwards, your belongings will be delivered to your new residence, and then unpacked with the greatest expert care. Don’t worry: We’ll leave your property clean and free from packing debris after we’re done!
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An international move incorporates many numbers and figures, but in the end, you’ll want to know what it all costs. That’s why we provide complete and clear invoices, breaking down all the costs involved so you can rest easier knowing you’ve gotten your money’s worth.
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Quality Control

Survey and Contact

We continually strive to outdo ourselves at oleRRelo, and your feedback makes it possible for us to provide the best service in the industry. The final phase of your move will be a quality control survey, where you can voice your feedback about your experience.
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International relocation

Courteous, Professional and Extremely Punctual

What made the move so seamless were people like Lynda Lane and Bryan Pickering. They were courteous, professional and extremely punctual. It made all the difference in the world. Thank you for having such awesome people on your team. Thank you Lynda Lane for being there with all my questions and special needs. As I stated in my previous comments she was wonderful and I greatly appreciate her follow through and her being extremely helpful. Bryan Pickering kept constant contact with me on when the truck would be at my home. How long things would take to unload. Making sure things were just like I wanted them. He was very pleasant and really concerned about the unloading of my belongings. Bryan made sure I was completely happy and I very much appreciated his caring attitude.

Kandy Brooks
Residential Moving

A Pleasure to Work With

Thank you so much. Both crews were very professional, respectful and a pleasure to work with. When we started this journey we were literally scared of how our things would be packed and handled. Thank you so much for keeping our things safe and easing our minds. It only takes a few minutes to see the professionalism in your workers. I know this is not an easy job especially in the heat, kuddos to all of them. We haven’t completely unpacked yet but there has not been one thing have we found that is broken. Thank You, Have a Blessed Day!

Steve Grisham

Great Attitudes

Thanks for everything, I would like to let the supervisor of the men that came to the house know how pleased we were with the move. The guys worked very hard had great attitudes and were a pleasure to be around. This was a difficult move because of the location and they did it without complaint. Thank you.

David Junker
Residential Moving

Everything Was So Smooth

We were very impressed with everyone starting with Ashley, Linda, driver and all the staff. Thank you for making our transition very smooth.

Kayla Cory
Employee Relocation

Oler Relo was a wonderful

Oler Relo was a wonderful company to work with. Glenda Oliney and her team of movers were hard-working, timely in their arrivals, thorough with their work and very friendly to work with. If my company (Suddath) does work with Aetna in the New Orleans area again, we will be sure to consider working with this company again. I was very impressed with their level of professionalism!

Sadie Kane
Workplace and Logistics

Move proved to be the best thing

This move proved to be the best thing we could have asked for. I didn’t know what to expect when the crew arrived. Vernelza and his crew went above and beyond our expectations. They did the entire move with a smile on their faces. I’m very pleased. They placed everything as I needed it. Thank You So Much for Sending Such an “AWESOME CREW OF MOVERS”. I have already referred your company to someone already.  I will definitely use OlerRelo again as well as spread the good word to others. The money we spent for this move was well worth it.

Carrie Rodriguez
Residential Moving

Professional, detail oriented, thorough and very friendly

I wanted to reach out and tell you what a pleasure it has been to work with Angel and his team this past week for pack up and move in. On both sides of the process he was nothing but professional, detail oriented, thorough and very friendly. Moving is always stressful but he and his crew made this part of our process so easy. Please do extend my gratitude to Angel and his team for all that they did for us with our relocation. It was very much appreciated.

All my Best,

Melissa Lagrange
Employee Relocation

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