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Candlelighters Summer Surprises

Oler Relo Sponsors Candlelighters’ Summer Surprises Event

One of the most important pillars for OleRRelo as a company, is our solid commitment to giving back to our local communities in Houston, Corpus Christi and New Orleans. Last week, we had the honor of sponsoring the Candlelighters’ Summer Surprises Event at Texas Children’s Cancer Center. Candlelighters is a wonderful organization that provides emotional, educational…

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New Orleans Mover

Meet Michael Connor

Welcome back to another installment of our Meet the Oler Relo Team series of blog posts.  This gives you an opportunity to meet the awesome members of our team and find out what they do here at Oler Relo.  And more importantly, you get to learn about the ways that they can help YOU! This…

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Corpus Christi General Manager

Oler Relo Group Announces Corpus Christi Branch General Manager

Oler Relo Group is pleased to announce that Jesse Frandsen has been named General Manager of the company’s Corpus Christi operations.  Frandsen, who joined Oler Relo in January 2016, previously held the position of Vice President, Global Supply Chain. As General Manager, Frandsen will be responsible for the day-to-day leadership of the Oler Relo Corpus…

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Commercial Move in Houston

Three Credentials to Require When Selecting your Houston Commercial/Office Mover

When planning, managing and executing an office or commercial move in Houston, it is important to ensure that the mover you select has the correct credentials to get the job done legally, and without delay.  Company certification/licensing, worker training, insurance, etc., might all seem like items that every mover would have, but the fact is that…

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Customer Service Training

OleRRelo is Customer Service Focused

Treating our customers and employees like family is more than just a motto; it’s a real reflection of who we are as a company, and the culture that we promote here at Oler Relo every day.  For that reason, we place a great deal of emphasis on customer service training for our team. The Customer…

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Millennial Expat

Moving Millennials Overseas

The rise of the Millennial expat is something that certainly has the attention of the mobility industry. As this generation increases its presence within the workplace, so does their global footprint. This is something that definitely has our attention here at OleRRelo too.  In tailoring our international moving solutions for our clients around the world, it’s…

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Meet Kevin Crofoot - Office Moving

Meet Kevin Crofoot

Welcome back to another installment of our Meet the Oler Relo Team series.  In this post we would like to introduce you to Kevin Crofoot, our vice president of workplace and logistics, as he shares his expertise on office moving. Kevin has been with Oler Relo for nearly 10 years, and has nearly 20 years…

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Living in Texas

4 Reasons Living In Texas Is The Best

If you are thinking of moving to Texas, think no further. Living in Texas is a great choice for anyone looking to save money, enjoy both wide open spaces and vibrant urban culture, and pursue their dreams. Whether you’re just starting out in life, seeking to raise a family, or thinking about retiring, Texas is probably a…

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