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Customer Service Training

Oler Relo is Customer Service Focused

Treating our customers and employees like family is more than just a motto; it’s a real reflection of who we are as a company, and the culture that we promote here at Oler Relo every day.  For that reason, we place a great deal of emphasis on customer service training for our team. The Customer…

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Moving Millennials Overseas

The rise of the Millennial expat is something that certainly has the attention of the mobility industry. As this generation increases its presence within the workplace, so does their global footprint. This is something that definitely has our attention here at Oler Relo too.  In tailoring our international moving solutions for our clients around the world,…

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Meet Kevin Crofoot - Office Moving

Meet Kevin Crofoot

Welcome back to another installment of our Meet the Oler Relo Team series.  In this post we would like to introduce you to Kevin Crofoot, our vice president of workplace and logistics, as he shares his expertise on office moving. Kevin has been with Oler Relo for nearly 10 years, and has nearly 20 years…

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Living in Texas

4 Reasons Living In Texas Is The Best

If you are thinking of moving to Texas, think no further. Living in Texas is a great choice for anyone looking to save money, enjoy both wide open spaces and vibrant urban culture, and pursue their dreams. Whether you’re just starting out in life, seeking to raise a family, or thinking about retiring, Texas is probably a…

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Moving Is Stressful: Here’s How To Cope With It

Stress is, merely a part of life. However, stress has the potential to disrupt our lives. The same can be said about moving, which some say is even more stressful than a divorce! Two out of three adults responded to a survey few years ago placing the stress associated with moving above the stress of ending a…

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Houston Real Estate

Houston’s Real Estate Market: What You Need to Know

Moving to Houston? Here’s what you need to know about Houston’s real estate market. It’s All About Location In Houston, the real estate market is all about location.  So, the first thing you need to consider is what area or neighborhood will be the best for you and your family.  If you are unfamiliar with…

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Commercial Move in Houston

How To Plan for a Business Move

Have you outgrown your office? Did you decide that it’s time to move? Relocating a business might seem like an impossible task, but it gets a lot easier once you know where to begin? In this article, we will walk you through the most important things to consider when planning a business move. Are you ready…

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Oler Relo Corporate Relocation

4 Tips to Make Corporate Moving Stress-Free

You’ve done it. You’ve decided to take the plunge and move your business to another location. And you’re almost ready. You’ve crunched the numbers, found a suitable place, and maybe even imagined how your new office would look. Of course, corporate moving is a lot different from a household move. You have to plan every…

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